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mdesign is ready to take the interactive entertainment industry into the next century. Utilizing their extensive resources of full-service multi-media capabilities, and their talented team of international creative thinkers, mdesign has initiated a new wave of qualitative multimedia philosophy.

From crafting great concepts to building magnificent websites, mdesign's goal is to become the ultimate "interactive presenters". With the ability to synchronize content integration across multiple medias including web, music, flash and 3D-design mdesign provides you with the most exciting, innovative and content-rich interactive websites around. The digital phenomenon has arrived. No longer dictated by traditional use, mdesign has redefined the meaning of "multimedia". Today web-videos, flash animations and complex websites are able to reach a wider audience. Think you can handle it? mdesign is betting on it.

With many years of developing award winning websites, and design experience mdesign has worked hard to earn their reputation for both strategic and creative "chops" within online presence. Led by international key people from the interactive fields, mdesign has successfully merged as one of the influential leaders of today's media markets.